There are many benefits to implementing and working with any or all of the suite of MCI Myrias modules, these include the following:

Benefits to your Business

  • Traceability of all material
  • Control of Weights to relevant legislation
  • Monitoring and Control of Quality
  • Stock Control
  • Analysis of yield and waste
  • Advanced reporting facilities
  • Productivity data to identify what causes down time
  • Easily links to Third Party software
  • Flexible system allows MCI Myrias to provide a solution to meet all of your company's data handling requirements

Financial Benefits

  • Cost savings on reduced overfill
  • Cost of returns and fines reduced
  • Cost savings on wastage
  • More accurate records of financial position
  • Accurate value of current stock
  • Accurate monitoring of where money is spent
  • Integrates with other financial packages, or can replace some or all of their functions

Benefits of a Modular System

  • Modular software allows for staged installation
  • Standard package ensures fast delivery times
  • Stable development team to tailor and customise
  • Links to a very wide variety of process equipment
  • Real-time reporting for rapid reaction and control
  • Ease of Use
  • Industry experts with production understanding
  • Interfaces with many Third Party software packages
  • Uses modern technologies
  • Excellent service coverage, capabilities and response