The MCI Myrias software is able to link to a wide range of hardware and software systems - basically anything with an interface, including:

Hands-on practical experience

At MCI Systems we have extensive hands-on experience; we are familiar with, and fully understand, the environments in which are software is used. For example, we know the reality of working with our system on a factory floor where the workers will be wearing gloves and will not be able to work with anything too fiddly.

Unlike some other systems which look good in theory but do not translate to the working environment successfully or smoothly MCI Myrias and its associated hardware has been tried and tested in real business environments over the past 20 years.

Fully flexible and customisable

The MCI Myrias product is fully flexible and customisable which makes it truly bespoke. MCI Myrias software can be fully integrated into any company's existing software, IT infrastructure and business systems. This versatility means that installing it does not impose a restrictive, inflexible new system into your business but rather one that will fully work with and enhance your current systems and processes.

Third party integration

Sage® Professional DeveloperOur software is also integrated on many occasions with multiple third party systems to provide product configuration, BOM, planning, stock, purchase orders, sales orders and other information. These third party systems include accounting packages such as SAP, Sage and Opera, as well as Microsoft Products and bespoke systems.

MCI Systems is a registered Sage® Professional Developer for SAGE Line 500 and other Sage products. MCI is also a Microsoft® Registered Partner