Large Systems

At MCI Systems we provide large systems that are versatile, flexible, fully customisable and can be integrated into your existing business processes. These large systems are usually based on one of the standard MCI Myrias software packages with specific customisation to ensure it fully meets the bespoke needs of the business.

MCI Myrias installations are built and maintained to keep current with changing regulations and any changes in customer practice. Systems are paid for on implementation and are licensed to include ongoing support. Initial training is included in the cost of the system and this training is conducted during implementation.

MCI expects questions from user teams on aspects of installed systems and these are responded to as an included part of ongoing support. The teams can contact us as often as they need to. Questions on use of the software to create reports or find specific data are welcome as are any queries as to function of the system. With continuous improvement initiatives in place there are sometimes requests for additional tailored functionality due to changing conditions. We have support levels that allow time for this continuous improvement mandated in some quality regimes. This is available as a standard support level if needed. We also offer user training within support for quality standards that require user training be demonstrated in place as part of production operations practice. This provides proof of training availability during audit. Myrias training sessions are scheduled to suit customer requirements. Participants receive certificates to state they have been trained on the system installed.

MCI Myrias support and training is in place to properly maintain systems and keep in touch with the flow of ongoing customer use and requirements. User teams have easy access to MCI Systems support for any questions that may come up.

MCI MyriasŪ Management Control Systems are designed to optimise line performance for product overfill and line efficiency and quality.

A direct benefit is compliance with legislative and standards requirements which will demonstrate the ability to meet current best practice as identified by organisations such as the British Retail Consortium. By achieving these levels of compliance you will increase the range and quality of your customer base.

Additional Options

MCI Systems also offers extremely competitive off the shelf solutions for small manufacturing operational requirements.