Our MCI Myrias modular software provides real business benefits across many industries and sectors including:

Manufacturing & MCI Myrias Modules

Distribution & MCI Myrias Modules

Production & MCI Myrias Modules

Farming & MCI Myrias Modules

Small Enterprise & MCI Myrias Modules

  • Modular - you only need to buy what your business specifically requires whilst providing the experience and technology usually only available for larger businesses with bigger budgets
  • Our system is able to expand with your business as it encourages growth through cost savings and better control of your processes
  • Proven track record for delivering great results in many small businesses as well as larger organisations

Medium/Large Enterprise & MCI Myrias Modules

  • Provides a complete solution - no matter how small or big your business needs are - and it is able to simplify your business processes and structure
  • Able to fully integrate with your existing systems and processes whilst still bringing real, valuable results
  • Proven track record in many large, multi-national businesses as well as smaller companies