Sub Contract Software Programming

MCI Systems have long history of providing contract programming services to a range of sectors.

Our experienced team of experts have extensive knowledge and ability working with a wide range of modern and legacy environments.

If you have a programming problem, consider outsourcing part of the work to us. We have extensive experience in a number of programming languages, in database manipulation, the design of user interfaces and the production and use of API's.

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Expertise Includes

Operating Systems, Environments, Databases and Packages



IT department staff can often find themselves in a situation where the workload exceeds their production capacity. Under such circumstances, lower priority tasks can be repeatedly deferred, much to the disappointment of the staff needing this work to be done. Whether it is for a module of a new project, or modifying existing code to add new functionalty, outsourcing can be useful way to meet project schedules, or to reduce a backlog of outstanding work.

While the same objective could be achieved by bringing in contract staff, outsourcing offers some advantages in certain circumstances. Firstly, outsource staff do not use your office space, car parking, canteen facilities or harware resources. As they plan their own schedules to meet agreed targets, they place less of a burden on your supervisory staff. Oursourcing can be particularly suitable for short term work, say a month or less, which a contractor may be reluctant to undertake.

From our perspective, outsourced work also offers several advantages. We do not need to waste time and money travelling to and from your offices. We work on our own machines, in a familiar environment with all our accumulated resources immediately to hand. Handling work in this way usualy involves us in a range of different problems, which provide new challeges and widens our experience.


Some companies are still reluctant to embrace teleworking and outsourcing. They prefer to have the more direct control of staff activities afforded by their prescence on-site. Some jobs require extremely close collaboration between team members, or involve the use of resources not avainable off-site. In order to cater for theses cases, we do offer traditional contract services, usually for a minimum period of three months, though we will consider shorter periods under favourable circumstances.


Perhaps you have a completed application that performs as desired for the most part, but suffers from frustrating slow performance in certain circumstances? Program optimisation is one of our specialities. Given your source and a statement of the problem being experienced, we can track down the bottleneck and rewrite the code for better efficiency.

Problem Solving

We enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems, so if you have one, give us a call for an informal chat about it.

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