A Software Support Contract is part insurance and part scheduled maintenance. It is designed to give peace of mind when things are going smoothly and rapid response support when you need it most, all at a price fixed at the beginning of the Contract period.

At MCI Systems we provide a choice of support contracts to suit our customers' working requirements. Support includes telephone and online assistance, site visits where necessary and free system upgrades.

We offer three support options: Gold Support Contract, Platinum Support Contract and Pay-as-you-go.


What do you get if you choose pay-as-you-go?

We understand that not all of our customers choose one of our Support contracts so we also offer a 'Pay-as-you-go' option. This options means that we are available to give support and to deal with problems should they arise but we will not be able to guarantee a specific turn-around time or to provide a fix fee for these services.

Priority is always given to our customers with Software Support Contracts. While initial response to non-Contract Holders is usually within one working day, it can take longer, depending on our work load.

A site visit for non Contract Holders may take between 5 and 15 working days to arrange and this is again dependent on our work load.

Our support costs will depend on the amount and type of service required. Severe problems requiring an Engineer's extended presence on site can easily cost more to resolve than the annual Contract cost.

We do not support out-of-date versions of our software so, before we carry out any investigation on your system, we need to make sure that the software is running with the latest supportable version.

If the system needs a programme upgrade to bring it up-to-date, we charge 20% of the original software cost to carry out the change, excluding Engineer's attendance time.