As part of our Gold and Platinum Support Contracts we provide ongoing maintenance and systems upgrades during the term of the contract.


Routine software maintenance is carried out at least once a year. This includes on-site attendance by our Engineer to maintain the programme file structure so that your system gives its best performance within your specification.

During these visits, our Engineer will be pleased to discuss how the system is working and how it could be improved to better meet your needs. Depending on the time available and type of improvements required these amends can be done at the same time. However, this does not include the writing of new code.

Upgrades and Expansions

We also carry out at least one site visit a year to upgrade your system to the latest standards. This is often carried out at the same time as the routine software maintenance. Some of the changes may be 'invisible' while others may be readily apparent. As new upgrades become available for your operating system, our programme upgrade will help maintain compatibility.

In some cases, system functionality will be added at no further charge. Where practicable, all changes are accompanied by a demonstration and by appropriate documentation.

If time permits, our Engineer will answer User queries, demonstrate features and give brief training.

System Expansion

You may wish to enhance or extend your system by adding new modules, Operator stations or bespoke software. As part of your annual Support Contract we will upgrade your existing software to bring your system up to the latest standards before adding any new features or functionality.

Any subsequent expansions and enhancements (new modules, Operator stations, etc.) will then be charged at an agreed additional cost.

We will also provide you with valuable and relevant information about any new or improved applications that become available during the term of your Support Contract unless you state that you do not wish to receive this type of news from us.